Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Days 28 & 29

Last night I went to the 8pm with my favorite male instructor and this morning I went to the 6:15am with Lithuanian Light. Both classes were completely different. The male instructor is gruff and tough and cranks the heat way up. Yogis were dropping like flies. At one point there were about 8 people laying down. Two people left class after the standing series. The instructor literally stood in front of one of the people who was trying to leave and told her to lay back down. A few minutes later she just walked around him to leave. It was intense. It felt like bikram yoga bootcamp. I was so proud to have made it through but by the time I got home I was too tired to even eat dinner. I ate some cheese, had some coconut water and was knocked the hell out.

I went to the 6:15am class this morning because Lauren gets back tonight from Norfolk from taking the bar! I am so excited that she will be done. I am amazed at how hard she has worked; I feel like I haven't seen her for three months. I did this yoga challenge at a perfect time because she has been so busy, it has been like she hasn't noticed that I have been gone more. So anyway, she gets back tonight and I am excited. I am going to cook and I have to clean up all the cat hair I have let accumulate this evening. So I was basically forced to go to the 6:15am. I felt really good going into class and had a wonderful class. It wasn't nearly as hot as last night but I just love LL. Her energy is so calming and positive. There was a pretty large woman in class today and I just really liked the way she gave her more individualized attention. And the way she gives people individualized attention is not distracting the way other instructors do it. She is just really sweet.

For some reason it smelled horrible in the studio today. And there was a new student next to me. She apparently did not know the difference between "right ear on the floor" and "left ear on the floor" because when we were resting on our stomachs, I kept having to look at her. The instructor would say "left ... left ear ... left" but she clearly wasn't listening. It was super annoying. Finally I mentioned to her to turn her head so I didn't have to look at her. Then she caught on.

It is tough getting up so early but boy does it feel wonderful to start the day with Bikram. I feel energized, calm, strong and just accomplished and it is only 9:30! It's a pretty awesome feeling.

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  1. I have too noticed you've been gone. I actually had to talk myself through you taking this challenge. As in, literally had to say to myself, "it's absurd to think she would sit around and do nothing while you checked out for 3 months." But it wasn't in an insecure way. It was more jealousy, of you finding yourself, and me not being a part of it. Having watched you go through it though, I couldn't be more proud of you. You have blossomed and I am so glad you undertook this challenge. I'm so proud of you. Words can't even sum it up. I'm done. Ready to take on Day 30 with you :)