Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 24

Yesterday I went to the 8pm class. I was totally not in the mood and I thought it would be empty considering it was a friday night. I finally had another class with LL again. She is so positive and bubbly and I really like her energy. There was a brand new student in class next to me and she was really distracting. I could feel her looking at me a lot because she didn't know what she was doing but instead of looking in the mirror at me (or anyone else), she would actually just turn her body and look. It was really distracting. I almost wanted to move.

I realized last night that I really like classes with Altin. I was sore in new places from classes with him all week because he has taught me that I have totally been doing cobra all wrong. It is probably my Locust pose all wrong. I am also realizing that the sheer size/shape of my body doesn't allow me to do some of the poses the way I want. I, unlike a lot of these women, have boobs. Big ones. And they get in the way. On a side note, boobs have been on my mind a lot lately because we are in trial and it is this outrageous sexual harassment case where boobs are discussed everyday.

I was thinking about continuing this challenge to 60 days. I am going to see how I feel this week after really trying to go to the 6:15am classes. I don't think I could go another month if I have to go to the 8pm classes but if I can get it together and wake up, I think it is a possibility.

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