Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 13

Today was amazing. I feel like this blog is going to get old (or has already gotten old) because I essentially say the exact same thing over and over. Today I had a new instructor - the owner of the studio. I really liked her. She is perfect for beginners and made me feel really comfortable with my progression. I think sometimes I push myself too hard trying to be good and I really need to just focus on baby steps because this stuff could take months to get. I also really liked today's instructor because she wasn't super skinny. She even had a little tummy. She was curvy and healthy and a really good instructor and was really good with the beginners.

I am really beginning to feel something I have never really felt before. I don't knbow how to describe it but I am so much happier. I feel calm and feel like I have let certain things go. I just feel lighter. It just feels really good.

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