Sunday, February 14, 2010

Class 20 (day 19) - heat rash

Today was probably my worst class so far. I was all excited and then everything just kind of fell apart. For the first time, I seriously considering leaving the room. The room was ridiculously hot because I don't think the instructor knew how to work the heat controls. I got a heat rash on my arms and basically just laid down for about 1/3 of the class. I would roll my head around and a good half the class was on the floor at some point during the class. It was pretty ridiculous.

On another note, last night I went to a yoga party celebrating everyone who has completed and who are currently do a 30-60-or 90 day challenge. It was so fun. I love the energy of my fellow yogis. I feel so cliche walking through my gentrifying neighborhood to go to a yoga party, drink healthy cocktails (literally mimosas made with odwalla) and eat soul food. God I don't think it gets much cheesier. But I love it. I think I am realizing that I have missed having a "group" or a home base. I can see this studio becoming a new home base, somewhere where people are excited to see you and where you are always welcome. It is a really wonderful feeling to have that.

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  1. The value of local, neighborhood connections is incalculable. And if we haven't told you a hundred times already, you guys are far more than just neighbors to us. So so proud - we are going to have a post-30 day challenge, post-bar blowout when we get back from New Orleans!!