Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 8

Yesterday I went to the 6pm class again. I had my first male instructor. He was very down to business and almost forced me to focus. There was something soothing about his voice and he concentrated more on form than other instructors. I had a pretty good class. It still amazes me how my body is responding.

My dad reminded me of a story that I had forgotten about. Apparently when I was a newborn, the pediatrician had to force my hips open because I was so stiff. Think lockjaw of the hips. I always thought newborns were ridiculously flexible (eating their toes and whatnot) but apparently not me. With that as my starting point, I am happy to report I can now sit with one leg out, wrap my fingers around the bottom of foot, lock my knee and push my forehead against my knee. I think that is progress my friends.

I am finding the physical positions more strenuous. I think I am just pushing myself more each class, especially with the floor series. I also want so badly to be able to do the standing head to knee pose but I am not even close. I can barely hold my foot for the entire time. I am accepting the fact that the pose may take way longer than the other poses for me. I attempted to do the toe stand pose last night and I was surprised that I could actually bend down some.

I bought my first "yoga" tank top. It is considerably longer than my other tank tops and I am hoping that means pudge wont stick out when I do some of the poses. I have tried to force myself to get over the pudge but it is now turning into a distraction. I don't think I am ready to feel comfortable letting the world see my tummy. Almost ... but not quite there yet.

When I read other people's yoga blogs, they often talk about other people in the class being their motivation and inspiration. I, however, like the anonymity within the studio. I don't like to focus on what other people are doing. I just want to follow the instructor and make them my motivation. I have started saying hello to people before and after class but when I am doing the yoga, I don't want to notice people I know. Other students are starting to recognize me. It feels nice to be a regular and to be comfortable with all the routine that goes into each class. I am beginning to feel like I belong to a little community. It is nice.

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