Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 26 - The Rog in the house

Today my dad went with me to Bikram. I was so impressed. The instructor was not one of my favorites but she really looked out for him and helped with the poses. He tried every pose even though he couldn't physically do all of them. I was almost shocked at how eager he was. He didn't seem to have a grasp on the limits of his body. He wanted to do everything even though it was his first class. There was this young college girl next to him and it was also her first class and I have to say, even though yoga isn't supposed to be competitive, he wiped the floor with that chick. I was proud and I think he liked it.

After class about 4 people in the changing room told me how "cute" my dad is and how their dads "would never, ever go to Bikram." I felt so proud that I have such cool parents. At one point the instructor pointed out that we were father-daughter and it just felt good to know I could share that with him.

The class itself was fine. The temperature was way off and it was much cooler than usual. It was distracting having my dad there because I guess you never lose the desire to make your parents proud. I am glad he got to see exactly what I have been doing every day. I think it has been somewhat abstract and I hope he can better understand when I say Bikram yoga is no joke!

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