Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 14 - Lessons from Skelator

Today's class was amazing - more so than usual. I had another snow day today so I was able to go to the noon class. The owner was the instructor and I love the way she really explains all of the poses. I had a great class in spite on Skelator.

So as I was changing upstairs, some anorexic girl jumped in the conversation I was having with someone else to correct me. (I'm not exagerating, there was clearly something wrong with this woman.) The thing was, she didn't know what we were talking about so she was wrong. (Yes Skelator - the federal government was closed yesterday but the District government was open so shut up). So already she is irritating. But whatever, she was just trying to be involved.

So before class we all lay there in our "dead man" pose. It is really relaxing and is a great way to get your mind ready for the upcoming 90 minutes of concentration and sweat. Skelator first was two people down on my left. Then she made a commotion to move two people down on my right. Ok. Whatever. I can't get irritated about that because I literally have one of two spots I like. So she lays back down. Right when we are about to do teh first breathing exercise, she moves again - directly in front of me. If possible, everyone tried not to be directly in front of anyone else because you need to see yourself in the mirror. So in my head I am thinking, "Really Skelator? Directly in front of me?" So I move over a few inches and realize I am now directly in the mirror crack. I hate this. I will admit I can be a little OCD. I hate the mirror crack, more so than I hate having to pick a new spot. The thing was, the class was pretty full so I had to suck it up and deal with the crack. Turns out I survived. The walls didn't crumble into the room. Nor did I fall the entire class because my equalibirum was "off." So in her own way, Skelator taught me to adapt. It was a good thing even though I had to actively ignore all of her vertebrae jutting from her back.

Something else happened today too.  I was doing the Standing Bow Pose when I starting getting really proud of myself. I actually looked like someone who did yoga, rather than a chunky girl attempting to do yoga. So I am staring at myself thinking, damn I look good ... hot even! Of course, I then fell because I was not concentrating on my pose but rather thinking how hot I looked. But it was the first time I had a positive reaction to how I looked in the mirror during yoga. Usually I just look awkward. It was nice.

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