Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 27 - Earning my stickers

Today was the epitome of a major lapse of judgment. I went to the 6pm after running around like a crazy person to make it. I had not expected I could make it so it was nice not to have to go to the 8pm class. However, around 4pm, after I had already eaten a full lunch, I thought it would be a great idea to eat a second lunch. Maybe it would give me lots of energy for my class. I still had a couple hours. Yes, I know this may be a shocker – but I totally overate. As soon as I had the huge bowl of spaghetti I thought, “uh oh. That was probably too much.” I waddled around the office feeling like I had a “food baby” and then forgot about it in my haste to leave. Well as soon as I entered the studio, I felt different. During the very first pose I felt like I could hardly breathe. I struggled throughout the entire class. At one point while in savasana (dead man pose), I literally was wondering whose name I put on the emergency contact sheet, just in case I died. Yes, died. It crossed my mind about 10 times to just run upstairs and throw up just to make myself feel better. But I stuck it out. I sat out the first set of camel pose but other than that, made it through the class. But boy did I feel pitiful.

I put my sticker on the wall after class and I almost wanted to call someone over to look because I felt like I really earned that sticker today. All in all, today I maintained, which is fine. I am almost a little sad thinking about the end of my challenge on Thursday. I am thinking about extending it to 60 days. I will be out of town for a couple days so I will have to do some doubles but I think I can handle it.

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