Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 15 - Half way there!

Today I literally walked through a bona fide blizzard to get to yoga. I am so glad I went because I have sucessfully completed my 15th straight day of Bikram! So excited. Everyday when I put a new sticker on the wall I feel like I am in AA or NA or something and am getting a chip - it is such a great feeling. (And for anyone who is wondering, I know a lot about AA and NA because I used to be a substance abuse counselor, not because I belong to either organization. Ask me about it - I love talking about recovery programs!) I was surprised how many people were in class today - there were about 20 of us. It was great. I struggled a bit today but I am glad I stayed in the room.

I have been eating everything in sight. This stupid blizzard is not helping me eat healthy - I just sit around and eat comfort food, go to yoga, watch tv and sleep. Today I got so bored I made a cake from scratch. The strawberry frosting almost looks inedible but overall not too shabby for a first try. Lauren ate it but at this point she is studying so hard I could put anything in front of her and she would eat it.

Anyway ... Day 15! Woot!

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