Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 17 - Just Blobs

Today I completed class 17 and 18. Correctomundo: I, Valerie Lisa Collins, did "a double."  Two classes in one day. I have done 3 hours of yoga today, which is pretty crazy when you think about it. I was wavering after the first class on whether to do it but I figured even if I just layed in the room for 90 minutes, that would be better than nothing. Turns out, I felt pretty strong during the second class, not as strong as the first, but better than I had anticipated. And, as usual, I felt freaking amazing after each class.

Something happened during the second class that is worth mentioning. I lost my contact. This alone really isn't a big deal but the aftermath was, at least for me. Well it is impossible to wear only one contact so I had to take the other one out. I have been wearing contacts to class instead of glasses because I hate getting sweaty in glasses and having to push them up all the time. So there I was, half way through the standing series and I couldn't see shit. Blobs were standing around me and I got into my "don't look anyone in the face because they might be getting eye contact and you will never know because you can't see and then they will think you are an asshole for not acknowledging them" zone. This is easy because during yoga, there is no interaction among students. So anyway, I couldn't see, which led to the fact I couldn't see anything "negative" on my body. Usually I am very aware of every roll and every hint of pudge but today, during the second class at least, I was just a blob just like everyone else in the room, including the ridiculously lean and tone instructor. It was slightly refreshing. We are all blobs - at least in my natural non-seeing state. I think I might try to see the class, including myself, as blobs again tomorrow.

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  1. It has begun. Your slow transformation. Soon you will see yourself as the world sees you: ridiculously beautiful. And then as I see you: flawless. Followed immediately by conceit. I'm waiting for you at the other end :)