Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 40 :-)

So I continue to feel amazing after class but during class I have really been struggling. I sat out a couple of postures in the floor series today. I am really beginning to be able to tell exactly what the temperature is in the room. I am good up until about 102. After that, its a wrap. A lot of the teachers leave the temperature around 100, which I love but when they crank it up the temperature it is actually supposed to be, I feel myself fading. But I made it through and am 66% way through my challenge.

I saw an old friend of a friend today in class. It was a great surprise but the look on her face when I told her what I am doing made me realize how bizarre it really is. Amazing for me, but pretty over the top for most people. I forgot about that.

I have also turned into a snob. I hate it when new people are next to me. This girl literally fell on my towel today during the standing bow pose. She was jerking all over the place because her knee wasn't locked and literally fell into me. It was so annoying. And then during the floor series she kept looking in the wrong direction so we would get awkward eye contact. I don't know why it is so hard to just listen to the intructor for new people. I was irritated. It showed me how far I have to go in the calming of my mind. That sort of distraction is a just a challenge and I need to learn how to focus on myself and push through it.

I felt so good about my body today. I just felt comfortable. It is such a new, exciting feeling of self-discovery. I even feel more confident wearing different kinds of clothing not just to yoga. Yoga is such a safe space, I could literally wear a bikini and nobody would care. But I find myself looking for sexier clothes to go out in. I may even buy a sleeveless shirt! Gasp.

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  1. Next time there's a newbie just glare at them. And then at the end of class say "we judge people at this yoga class. Savasana, biotch" and walk away.