Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 36

Today I went to the 9am and it was packed. I had a pretty decent class teven hough it was really distracting having all the people in class. There were also 6 new people and a bunch of deaf students who were also really distracting. It was pretty obvious they didn't look up any of the postures so they were doing things all wrong and then when the instructor tried to correct them, it didn't work so well because, well, they are deaf. I kind of felt like a jerk getting annoyed by the deaf students. I think the instructors should learn some basic sign language or something. I was thinking about learning some sign language too. I am so close to Gallaudet, whenever I go out around my house there are always deaf people. It would be neat to be able to communicate at least a little.

Anyway, I felt good after class. I am going to try to do a double today and take the 5pm. We will see...

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