Friday, March 12, 2010

Classes 42 & 43 - Stubby McStuberson

It's official: I have short, stubby little arms. I'm OK with that.

Last night I went to the 8 and this morning I went to the 6:15. The 8 was wonderful. It was really hot but I felt super focused. The instructor even told me I was doing well during my standing bow pose. I think that pose is my favorite. It is the easiest to see my progress and it feels very yoga-like. I have also decided triangle pose is my least favorite. Such is life.

Starting now I am not going to write as much. I am running out of stuff to say. Maybe I am not reflecting enough but I am kinda enjoying just going, breathing and being there. This has been quite a journey and I think I have gotten exactly what I needed. I am excited to complete the 60 day challenge but at the same time I already feel pretty accomplished and proud of myself.

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