Thursday, March 11, 2010

Class 41

It is becoming harder to wake up early to get to class. This morning I flopped out of bed and somehow managed to make it to class but it was as if I was in a fog the entire class. I am doing a double today to hopefully my pm class will be a bit better. I took a couple days off so I am once again three days behind. I am going to do a double today, Saturday and one next week to catch up. I made the unfortunate mistake of weighing myself. I have gained weight, which sucks. I think I may be bloated but I doubt that accounts for all of it. I find it hard to eat "light" while doing all this yoga. I craze meat a lot. I need to find a nutritional balance and I think I will feel a bit better.

I think I might start standing in the front of the room, maybe in a corner. I am certainly not the person to have beginners look at but at the same time, I am getting easily distracted by people in front of me lately. I wonder if it will be easier for me to focus if it is just me and the mirror.

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