Friday, January 29, 2010

Day Three

I feel pretty amazing. Last night I went to the late class and I LOVED the instructor. She had an Eastern European accent so it made me focus even more on every word she spoke. She was also funny. If you weren't listening carefully, you could easily miss some of her little jokes but she was cracking me up (this admittedly does not take much). She also gave constant positive reinforcement. It felt like therapy. She would say things like, "Aren't you so happy you know you are taking care of yourself today and have done everything you can do?" Stuff like that. And I was completely into it. Cheesy, I know - but I loved it. 

Then I had a brilliant idea ... I would go this morning so I wouldn't have to go on a Friday night. But it turns out that two classes within 12 hours was not the best idea. Normally I think I would have really liked the 6:15am class but this morning my heart was not into it. I felt energized and was excited to do the class but once class began, I was completely unfocused. I kept looking down at the ground and all around. I kept thinking about silly stuff. I didn't make it through all the poses. I took more savasana pose time (where you basically just lay on the ground and play dead). I also did not feel adequately hydrated. So this morning was a bit much. 

One thing the morning instructor did was call attention to when everyone would fidget in between poses. At one point she told me to stop fixing my tank top because "it is just going to go back to where it wants to."  It was uncomfortable for me to know a little pouch was sticking out from the bottom of my tank top but I was forced to just deal with it. I had to just stand there and stare at myself in the mirror. I tried to just appreciate my presence but I am still working on that. Overall I felt good after the class but not as relaxed and energized as I felt last night.

For the next two weeks I will be able to leave work early so it will be easier to make the 6pm classes but after that, I might try to make the morning classes my new routine. It is a nice way to start the day and I feel so accomplished already. I am really proud of myself.

Body Observations
  • I am sleeping like a rock. I am pretty sure Crystal was sleeping on my chest last night, which usually wakes me up because she is huge. Last night I vaguely remember waking up and looking at her but other than that, nada. For all I know all three of them plus Lauren were sleeping on my face.
  • My back is like a board. I did not have bad posture before but the last couple days when I sit at my desk my chest is out and my shoulders are back.  I feel like I look a little uptight but I feel relaxed, just straight.
  • I'm not sure if I am imaging this but I feel like something is going on with my digestive system. Maybe I am digesting better? Again, I could be making that one up. 
  • My body is sore. It is a new kind of sore. Nothing painful, just a little achy. And one new thing is my toes are sore. I have never had sore toes. I don't think I even remember the last time I even thought about my toes. It is new to even being thinking about that. I like it.


  1. I am sooo proud of you. Day 3 down!


  2. Haha, woot for sore toes. And as a constant observer of my digestive system, I can say that bikram makes only good things happen to the belly. Also, here's a tip. The coconut waters (get the plain at the studio, or better yet, buy zico in bulk) are so great for you. They have potassium to help stop cramping, and hydrate you better than anything else. If you're feeling eh, chug a coconut water 30 minutes before class or right after and you'll feel better. Go Val!!