Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day Four - I have a crush

I originally did not think I would be able to go to yoga today but my ski trip was canceled due to the snow so I made it to the the 5pm class. As I was walking in the snowstorm, I kept thinking that I hoped more than just a few people would show up because I am not ready for intense, personalized instruction. When I arrived, however, I realized that these people are intense. It was packed, more so than usual.

I had an amazing class. I did something new today and I could tell that I had already gotten better. The woman sitting next to me was clearly in a foul mood but I was able to not let her negative energy mess with my flow.  The woman on the other side of me was like a toothpick so that was annoying but I managed to not let that mess with my flow either. I also actively tried to not fidget today.

I officially have a new favorite person. She doesn't know it yet but I so love the instructor with an accent. Her name is Aurelija and she Lithuanian and I think I have an instructor crush on her. She is awesome. I wanted to go up to her after class and tell her how much I love her classes but I chickened out. I saw her and immediately knew I was going to have a great class. She puts me in such a good mood and I find myself smiling during the class. It really feels like therapy.

During class I had some pudge poking out and just for today, I was ok with that.


  1. I think next time you should blow on the skinny chick while she's in the tree pose.

  2. 1.) The skinny ones never make it through the Teacher Training...they all end up in the hospital. Just a thought. ;)

    2.) One of my favorite things from Bikram class is the idea that you "shouldn't let anything steal your peace." Your post shows that you're already living the mantras. Congrats!!

  3. booo, I wish we would had went on the ski trip, but i am glad you loved your class.